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Tim's Severe Weather

Tim's Severe Weather is your trusted source for accurate and timely severe weather forecasts and updates in Queensland and New South Wales.

With a passion for meteorology and a commitment to keeping the community safe, Tim provides comprehensive weather information to help you stay prepared and informed.

Whether you're facing the threat of tropical cyclones, severe storms, or heavy rainfall, Tim's Severe Weather offers a range of forecasting services, including daily, 7-day, and 14-day forecasts, long-term weather outlooks, tropical cyclone forecasts, and detailed weather charts.

Tim also provides up-to-date cyclone track maps, low-pressure track maps, and severe weather warnings to ensure you're aware of any potential risks.

At Tim's Severe Weather, we understand the importance of staying ahead of severe weather events. That's why we're dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable information to help you make informed decisions and stay safe during extreme weather conditions.

Stay ahead of the storm with Tim's Severe Weather – your trusted source for severe weather updates in Queensland and New South Wales.

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Severe Weather Forecasts

Who Can Benefit From A Weather Page?

Weather pages can benefit various groups and individuals alike.

You as an individual can benefit from a weather site. Get your daily forecasts here.

Farmers and agricultural businesses can use seasonal rainfall and temperature forecasts to plan crops and manage livestock.

Emergency services can use forecasts of extreme weather to prepare for floods, storms, or heatwaves.

Utilities can use temperature forecasts to plan for peak energy demand.

Event planners can use forecasts to schedule outdoor activities.

Fishermen and other ocean users can benefit from forecasts tailored to their needs over open water rather than just land-based forecasts.

This allows them to check forecasts for where they plan to travel rather than just the location where they launch, ensuring more accurate representations of conditions like wind speed and direction along coastlines where they can vary significantly over short distances.


Why Trust Us With Your Weather Needs?

  • Why Choose Us for Your Weather Needs?

    Expert Analysis: Our team is deeply passionate about understanding weather patterns, guaranteeing you receive the most precise daily weather forecasts.

    Advanced Technology: We employ state-of-the-art technology for long-term weather predictions, ensuring you're constantly prepared for any weather event.

    Comprehensive Coverage: From tropical cyclone forecasts to severe thunderstorm warnings, we provide a wide array of services to keep you informed and safe.

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